How to Extend Volumes in Storage Space Direct Cluster #S2D Cluster # Storage Space Direct #Microsoft #mvphour

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Today, I am going to show you how to Extend Volumes in Storage Space Direct Cluster.

Resize the virtual disk

  1. Login to S2D Cluster server.
  2. Open PowerShell Run as Administrator.
  3. Run follow cmdlet to check Virtual Disk information.


  4. Run follow cmdlet to get association between objects ion the stack information.

    Get-VirtualDisk CSV01 | Get-Disk | Get-Partition | Get-Volume

  5. Run follow cmdlet to verify the Virtual Disk use storage tiers, or not use.

    Get-VirtualDisk CSV01 | Get-StorageTier

  6. If the cmdlet returns nothing, the virtual disk doesn’t use storage tiers, run follow cmdlet to Resize Virtual Disks.

    Get-VirtualDisk <FriendlyName> | Resize-VirtualDisk -Size <Size>

  7. If the virtual disk uses storage tiers.

  8. Run follow cmdlet resize each tier separately. In my case, increate the CSV01-NestedMirror storage tier size from 200GB to 300GB.

    Get-VirtualDisk CSV01 | Get-StorageTier | Select FriendlyName

    Get-StorageTier CSV01-NestedMirror | Resize-StorageTier -Size 300GB

  9. 9.Run follow cmdlet to verify storage tier size.

    Get-VirtualDisk CSV01 | Get-StorageTier


Resize the partition

The virtual disk is expected to have two partitions: the first is Reserved and should not be modified; the one you need to resize has PartitionNumber = 2 and Type = Basic.

  1. Run follow cmdlet to resize partition.

    # Choose virtual disk

    $VirtualDisk = Get-VirtualDisk CSV01

    # Get its partition

    $Partition = $VirtualDisk | Get-Disk | Get-Partition | Where PartitionNumber -Eq 2

    # Resize to its maximum supported size

    $Partition | Resize-Partition -Size ($Partition | Get-PartitionSupportedSize).SizeMax

  2. Verify the Volume size status from Storage Disks of Failover Cluster Manager.

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