How to Install Citrix Workspace App 1911 at Microsoft Windows 10#Citrix #Workspace APP #mvphour

Today, I am going to show you how to install Citrix Workspace App at Microsoft Windows 10.

  1. Login to Windows 10.
  2. Login and download Citrix Workspace app 1911 from website.
  3. Double-click CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe.

  4. Click Yes at User Account Control.

  5. At the Welcome page, click Start.

  6. At License Agreement page, select I accept the license agreement, click Next.

  7. At the Enable Signal Sign-on page, click Install.

  8. Make sure Installation successful, click Add Account.

  9. On the add account page, enter the url of Virtual App server, click Add.

  10. Enter your User name and Password, click Log On.

  11. On the Workspace page, click Add your favorite apps.

  12. Click the application which you would like to add it as favorite app. In my case, I add Microsoft Outlook.

  13. Double click Microsoft Outlook and it will pop up app Starting….

  14. You may see the warning issues at the bottom of outlook, it’s showing Windows Desktop Search is not available. This is not Citrix issues, and it’s easy to fix it.

  15. Login to Citrix Virtual App VDA server, in my case, it’s CGY-XEN02.
  16. Check the Services, the windows Search startup type is Disabled.

  17. Change it Startup Type from Disabled to Automatic, click Start.

  18. Close Microsoft Outlook and reopen it again and you will see the warning message gone.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Cary Sun

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