How to move Veeam SOBR Performance Tier to another Server (repository)

Today, we help our client to build a new S2D server as new Veeam Repository, now, we need to move the SOBR performance tier from the old repository server to this new server, I am going to show you how to move it.

1.I would recommend running Active Full backup for all backup jobs by manually to close backup chain.

2.Right-click the existing SOBR repository and select Properties.

3.On the Name page, click Next.

4.On the Performance Tier page, click Add.

5.On the Extents page, select the new repository, click OK.

6.On the Performance Tier page, click Next.

7.On the Placement Policy page, keep the existing settings, click Next.

8.On the Capacity Tier page, keep the existing settings, click Apply.

9.On the Summary page, click Finish.

10.Select the existing SOBR repository, right-click the old repository, select Maintenance mode.

11.On the Extent maintenance page, make sure the old repository was put in maintenance mode, click Close.

12.Right-click the old repository and select Evacuate backups.

13.Verify and make sure the right repository will be evacuated, click Yes., the SOBR Performance Tier moved to new repository.

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